Friday, October 4, 2013

Hi old friend

Long time no see old friend. Was I missed? I have abandoned you for more than a year, you must have thought that I have forgotten all about you. I also seemed to lost my touch, this is not easy for me to do. I have to think very hard to get words flowing out. I keep typing and erasing, but I am not giving up I will publish this post. I have to start  somehow.

What have been going in my life all this while, so many things had happened. First I remarried, Aisyah when to mrsm mersing, omar is getting bigger literally, amir is taller he is taller than me. I also had a miscarriage early this year. Ok so I had to go because the are work to be done next time I tell you everything that going on in my life. Bye see you soon

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